How a Catholic Can Embrace Astrology

How a Catholic Can Embrace Astrologyastrology2

I discovered astrology in 1970 or 1971 as part of a book on yoga.  The yoga teachers were also astrologers.  Rita and I were going to church when we first got married in 1967 and then fell away for a couple of years.  So it never crossed my mind that the Church might be opposed to astrology.  I never thought about it.

We went to a woman named Marguerite Miles in North Toronto for astrology classes.  She was very nice and “cheery”.  There was nothing spooky or “dark side” about her, except for one party she had and she invited a couple who mostly kept to themselves and who made me uncomfortable and who I was relieved never to see again.

When I later went for readings to Robin Armstrong, a professional astrologer, he too was very nice and upbeat, even if not very accurate.  He made noises as if our marriage was in trouble when it was his marriage to his assistant that he was about to embark upon that would be over in hardly any time at all.

I have talked over the years to a number of priests very briefly about astrology, and they quickly become opposed and alarmed.  But at the same time you can tell that they know next to nothing about it.  They are simply spouting the official line and are glad to move on to the next topic.

I think what God and the Church oppose about astrology and the occult generally is that they can get you caught up in Satanism.  (I have a whole book about the priest who was the long-time exorcist of Rome.  Now that is scary.)

I like to think my astrology is scientific.  It’s physical, positional, with no “dark side” assistance coming into it.  I grant that there are probably astrologers in the world who are more “psychic” than scientific, and their insights may be more from some deal they have made with the devil, but I like to think most of us do it honestly from a careful study of astrological positions and angles and what those are supposed to mean.

As for it being scientific, although my ability to calculate statistical correlations is long gone, if I ever had it,  it is pretty plain to me that things like our Sun signs do describe us, even though with some individuals you have to wonder.  I think I am pretty clearly the Gemini I am supposed to be, and I can feel the operation of my Pisces Moon and my Scorpio Ascendant, and also my Uranus very close conjunction my Sun making me a kind of Aquarius.  That’s where my wackiness and rebelliousness comes from.

The biggest problem with astrology is locating a top-notch astrologer.  Most “astrologers” are just dabblers, me included.


8 thoughts on “How a Catholic Can Embrace Astrology

    • It’s funny. Your question makes me realize I have heard very little about psychics for a long time. It seems to me they were a lot more trendy in the 1960s when I was first meeting up with them. I remember a famous one called Jeane Dixon. Google her and you will see. She even seems to have had the confidence of President Reagan and his wife Nancy. But Wikipedia now seems to think her ability to predict was very overrated. I read one of her books before they landed on the Moon in 1968, and she said the Russians would beat the U.S. there. I was rather stunned when she was wrong.
      A “psychic” seems to be a prophet, someone who can make good predictions, and we have to believe as Catholics that there are Godly ones around today just as there were in the Old Testament. Jesus said we would do all He did and more. The Devil being the great mimic of God, there would be “dark side” ones too. Jeane Dixon was supposed to be a devout Catholic but it must have been a façade. Godly psychics are surely more accurate.
      In astrology they tend to say people with the water signs have psychic ability. I have more waters, 5, than anything (Pisces Moon, Scorpio Ascendant, another Pisces and two Cancers) but I have no sense of an ability to predict anything beyond what I imagine we all do. The one edge my waters may give me is accurate first impressions of people, but then I have to be careful not to listen to them too long, or good my first impression get buried under their smarmy bullshit.

      • Gabriel Shaughnessy says:

        I believe psychic powers take some nurturing, so no doubt you don’t the ability to predict the future if you’ve never learned how to use the powers.

        Everyone has some psychic powers: when we make split-second first impressions of people that are uncannily accurate, when we sense someone looking at us in a room full of people, or someone’s presence when they come near you.

      • Gabriel Shaughnessy says:

        Visions are said to take place when the mind is in an altered state of consciousness.

        In normal functioning, the brain is operating on a beta wavelength (13-40Hz), the frequency at which signals are sent from neuron to neuron. Many people spend their whole waking lives in a beta state. As you slow down the wavelength you get into alpha waves, then theta, then delta (which is attained in REM sleep).

        The point of meditation is to slow your mind down to a level of alpha, or even better, theta brainwaves, which allow you direct access to your subconscious mind. An easier and perhaps more common approach is using hallucinogenic drugs.

        Have you had any experience with successful deep mediation or hallucinogenic drugs? That may be what you need to get closer to God.

    • I’ve never seen one attempted for him. I just checked the “ephemeris” I use, the Astrodienst, and it goes back for 6,000 years apparently, so we could get the positions if we knew the day. If you can believe Maria Valtorta, Jesus said He was born on the 25th of Chislev. So you would need to bring in the Jewish calendar and apparently there are at least two of them, just as we would have both the Gregorian and the Julian to go back through.
      I have a book by a Jean Aulagnier who seems to think he has figured out the dates in our calendar for many of the visions in Maria Valtorta, and he came up with Dec, 10/11 of 5 B.C. for the birth of Christ.
      But I think you would be disappointed even if we could come up with a horoscope for Him. You might think so but I’ve never known astrology to show how brilliant or dumb a particular horoscope is. Go through all the Sun signs and they seem to be considered intelligent every one. So I wouldn’t expect His horoscope to stand out in that way.

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